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Being Human is the Ultimate Marketing Asset

Bots automate, you elevate. The Strategist Blog empowers you with the knowledge and confidence to strategize your human + AI advantage. Here's what to expect.

Concept breakdowns: Learn AI concepts and terms with clear explanations and accessible language. For example, The Top 30+ AI/GenAI Terms Demystified

Results: Focus on strategies using AI that drive ROI. For example, Making GenAI Work for Work: The ROI of REAL Connection

Diverse perspectives: Hear from peers and industry experts, including skeptics. For example, Making GenAI Work for Work: Create a Marketing AI Council

Real-world stories: Go beyond theory by hearing success stories and lessons learned. Share your journey, and inspire others. For example, Making GenAI Work for Work: Nobody is Coming to Save You

Actionable knowledge: Gain practical guidance you can implement today. For example, Make GenAI Work for Work: Find Your Use Case

Constant learning: Stay ahead of the curve with trends, insights, and tools. For example, the Curious Marketer Content Pick of the Month feature.

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Working with AI is about more than marketing at scale. It’s about redefining our true value as marketers in a rapidly changing landscape where human contribution will be even more valuable than ever. 

About me

I'm Catherine Richards, the writer and editor of The Strategist Blog and the blog series, 'Making GenAI Work for Work.' I want to help marketers use our unique human skills to think strategically about the value we provide and shape our own success stories. Because being human is the ultimate marketing asset.

About The Strategist Blog

The Strategist Blog is content created by marketers, for marketers, and shares knowledge and insight to help marketers strategize our human plus AI advantage.


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