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Hi, so glad you're here!
I focus on insight and action to help us discover our advantage with AI. Because being human is the ultimate marketing asset.

Welcome to The Strategist Blog, where we delve into AI's transformative power for marketers.


My background includes crafting content and experience strategies for Adobe, VMware, and Dell Technologies with engaging narratives that map to engagement, conversions, and renewals.  As a VMware’s Marketing AI Council member, our achievements include winning the 2023 Gold International MarCom Award.

Here, we share creator insights and actions that help us explore AI's potential to shape the future of our work. That future is human-first, AI-powered.


We explore AI technology’s impact on authenticity, engagement, careers, and business value. We'll meet people with diverse perspectives and stories of success. And I want to hear your stories, too.

Working with AI is about more than marketing at scale. It’s about redefining our true value as creators in a rapidly changing landscape where human contribution will be even more valuable than ever.

Join me — observers aren't shaping the future of work. Doers are. We're the doers. Let's get going!

Catherine Richards

AI Strategist Leading Responsible & Creative GenAI Strategy

Writer and Editor, The Strategist Blog and 'Making GenAI Work for Work'

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