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Tool-osophy 101: Uncovering GenAI Tool Personalities for Creators

Created with ChatGPT-4

Tool-osophy lesson 101: Uncover the differences.

As creators, we might view GenAI tools as monochromatic utilities – functional but lacking in distinctive character. However, diving beneath the surface of these tools reveals discernable personalities waiting to be discovered and leveraged. By understanding and harnessing these traits, we can elevate our content creation.

Put GenAI tools to the (sample) test.

Give each tool the following sample prompts.

Here are three sample prompts designed to test across various GenAI tools, aimed at eliciting differences in responses and highlighting their personalities on any given day. Remember, the capabilities and challenges of these tools change quickly. Persevere; the effort to stay on top of the tools is worth it.

Etiquette Challenge Prompt:

"You have a Zoom interview for your dream job, and you want to make a great impression without appearing overly eager or trying too hard. Discuss the key considerations for your appearance, behavior, and the amount of information to share during the virtual interview."

This prompt addresses a contemporary and relatable situation, highlighting the challenges of virtual communication and the importance of striking the right balance in a professional context. It may reveal how different tools approach topics related to self-presentation, interview strategies, and the nuances of remote work.

Sample responses for the etiquette challenge. The image took 5 prompting steps to get to this, indicating that capturing human expression can be challenging.

Whimsical/Fantastical Topic Prompt:

"Imagine a world where humans can communicate telepathically with animals. Very briefly summarize a day in the life of a person living in this world, and explore the potential challenges and adventures they might encounter."

This imaginative prompt encourages creative responses and may showcase the tools' abilities to generate whimsical and fantastical content.

Sample responses for the whimsical/fantastical challenge. The image took 2 prompting steps to get to this.

Bland Topic Prompt:

"Explain the process of making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Include step-by-step instructions and any necessary ingredients or tools."

While seemingly mundane, this prompt can reveal how different tools approach straightforward, process-oriented tasks. Some may provide concise, matter-of-fact responses, while others might inject humor or creativity into their explanations.

Sample responses for the bland challenge. The image took 1 prompt to get to this.

This knowledge will empower you to:

Select the right tool for each content creation task, ensuring optimal results.

Leverage each tool's strengths to enhance the quality and effectiveness of your content.

Streamline your content creation process by using the most suitable tool for each job.

Foster creativity by understanding how each tool approaches different topics and styles.

And in a future post - we'll hack this idea all together! But to hack or riff on an idea, you have to understand it. Uncovering personalities is where to start.

Explore the idea of 'tool-osophy.'

Ready to expand your GenAI toolkit? Begin by experimenting with the sample prompts and those that you think up and document your findings. Share your discoveries with fellow creators, and see how your understanding of these tools enhances your content.


About me

This 'tool-osophy' guidance is part of my 'AI as Creative Collaborator' presentation, which I share in week two of the AI Certificate Course by Ragan Communications and PR Daily The course is curated and designed by Jennifer Clemente. Inquire here.

I'm the writer and editor of The Strategist Blog and 'Making GenAI Work for Work.' I want to help marketers use our unique human skills to think strategically about the value we provide and shape our own success stories. Content is published on LinkedIn and The Strategist Blog.

About the graphics

The contrasting black and white and colorful images, inspired by pop art, represent the hidden personalities within seemingly uniform GenAI tools.


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